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Senior Data Scientist at Panorama Education
Boston, MA, US

Panorama Education, based in Boston, is a fast-growing technology startup focused on radically improving education.


Today, 900 school systems serving ten million students have adopted the Panorama platform as paying customers, including New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Dallas, and Nashville. School systems turn to Panorama to ensure that each child is getting the support they need, so that more students succeed in school, graduate, and go on to college. Panorama helps educators monitor how students are doing across academics, attendance, behavior, and college readiness, and then coordinate action to support each child. Panorama’s platform also helps educators collect data about non-academic factors that are key to each child’s success in school and in life, such as social-emotional skills, safety, teacher-student relationships, and family engagement. Panorama has raised $45 million from Emerson Collective, YCombinator, Spark Capital, Owl Ventures, SoftTech, and Mark Zuckerberg.


About the Team:


We have a big-picture vision to radically improve student outcomes by helping educators leverage data to improve their practice. Through small-team collaborations, we develop data-driven products and impactful research that drives positive outcomes for students, educators, and our business.


About the Role:


Our data science efforts run the gamut from data extraction and pipeline engineering to statistical modeling and data visualization. The primary goal for our Senior Data Scientist is to enable two fundamental ends: product development and educational research. As Panorama’s Senior Data Scientist, you will lead these efforts.


In this role, you will:


  • Compile, analyze, and visualize large, one-of-a-kind educational datasets that include longitudinal, high-frequency data from millions of students, including their academic performance, in-class behavior, school attendance, and social-emotional competencies
  • Innovate and help engineer data pipelines and infrastructure to enable product development and educational research
  • Apply traditional and modern statistical techniques to creatively address key questions of practical and theoretical interest, such as the causal impact of curricular interventions on student outcomes
  • Imagine and help implement data-driven products to help educators better support students
  • Collaborate closely with researchers, engineers, designers, and product managers
  • Concisely summarize extant scholarship and best practices in ways that make that knowledge usable for other team members
  • Work with company leadership to develop our data science strategy, priorities, and practices


This role is for you if you: 


  • Have a passion for using data and analytics to improve education
  • Can expertly join and manipulate large structured and unstructured datasets into analyzable forms
  • Have broad and deep statistical knowledge of traditional and modern methods, including regression, multilevel modeling, psychometrics, dimension reduction, clustering, and causal inference
  • Are fluent in one or more relevant programming languages (e.g., R, Python) and RDBMSs (e.g, PostgreSQL), and can program scripts (e.g., for outlier removal) not available in existing packages
  • Are a team player who thrives in a collaborative, small-team environment
  • Have a master’s degree or comparable credential in data science, statistics, or applied math, or a terminal degree (e.g., Ed.D., Ph.D.) in a quantitative social science
  • Have at least three years of prior industry or academic experience working with software engineers and/or product managers as a data scientist, engineer, or analyst.

Panorama Education is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive company because we serve students, educators and families from tremendously diverse backgrounds and identities across the country; we’ve seen how our product and impact are strengthened the more we reflect that diversity. In addition, we have found (and we believe the research) that diverse teams are higher-performing, and we embrace the varied perspectives that our team members share with each other

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