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Customer Success Engineer at Apollo
San Francisco, CA, US
GraphQL is a revolutionary technology that allow product engineering teams to as much as double the speed at which they ship new features. As a Customer Success Engineer, you will be one of the leaders in our quest to bring these benefits to every product team in the industry.
You'll work directly with product teams at a range of companies (from startups to big brands) to understand their situation, needs, and goals, and help them roll out GraphQL quickly and correctly and begin benefiting from it. You'll be their trusted counselor through their entire journey from Apollo, from their initial curiosity, to their first production use, to steadily expanding their use and ultimately adopting it universally across their company.

What you'll do

  • Be our primary technical contact for an Apollo user, from our first contact until they have adopted it universally across all of their apps and services.
  • Work with users to understand their goals, roadmap, culture, and technical architecture, and the right way to roll out Apollo in their company to best accomplish their aims.
  • Deliver demos of Apollo products and tools, including customized code example and proofs of concept (working with our team of Apollo Architects when necessary).
  • Develop adoption/expansion plans for users and follow up with them to make sure that their projects remain on track. Identify and find ways to remove any roadblocks that could derail these plans.
  • Connect users to resources inside our company that will be useful to them, ranging from samples and documentation, to advice from our Apollo Architects, to direct introductions to our open source team or sales team when appropriate.
  • Serve as a trusted counselor that always has the user's best interests at heart (even above Apollo's interests). 

About you

  • You're passionate about driving adoption of revolutionary new technology.
  • You love talking with users and customers, understanding their goals, situation, and story, and figuring out how to help them.
  • You have a technical background sufficient to demonstrate Apollo products, create code samples, and develop trusted engineer-to-engineer relationships.
  • You've built software products at some point in your career.
  • You're viewed as highly credible – because you have a knack for understanding and solving a user's actual problem, rather than working from a cookie-cutter template or overselling our technology.
  • You're an organized, reliable multitasker with great follow-through.
  • You have a creative, “can do” attitude. You find creative ways around obstacles and do not rest until the user is satisfied.
You'll be based out of Apollo HQ in San Francisco, CA.
Apollo is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing and hiring a talented and diverse workforce.
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